Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I Wore Sunday... as promised

Like I shared earlier this week, I have finally jumped on the WIWS bandwagon!  Today I worked a 12.5 hour shift and it was probably one of the best shifts I have worked in a long time. AND I got to receive Communion! Thank the Lord for Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion that come with extra hosts!

Check out my sweet get-up:

Sorry I suck at taking mirror pictures!
Red Cherokee top and black Cherokee pants which can be found at your local scrub store, And a lovely White Stag Brand black long sleeved shirt I picked up at Walmart. A Littman stethoscope....And you can't see them but I'm rockin' Asics tennis shoes.

Other than receiving Communion, the best part of my day was helping my co-workers. That may sound lame to some people but I have been blessed with some pretty amazing people in my life. My job is stressful. And when things dont' go well for me, I have a unit full of other nurses that will drop whatever they are doing to help me. I am one of the newer nurses on the floor even though I have been there for a year and a half so they are always looking out for me. I was happy that today I was able to return the favor!

Next Sunday... I get to go to MASS!

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Much love ya'll!


  1. You worked 12.5 hours and your hair looks that good? Hate you! :)

  2. Um, this is awesome. :) And, I agree with Katie... your hair looks great!