Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes #1

My very first linkup with the Conversion Diary! Here goes nothin':

1. I have been so lazy. I have a week off of work and I don't know what to do with myself. I made Christmas cookies, cleaned a little, still neglecting laundry though. I would be so bored but I am really happy to share some down time with Patrick since he is not in school until January!

2. Last night I watched A Christmas Carol. It's the Disney one with Jim Carey. I knew the story and everything obviously but I have to say that was pretty scary for a Disney movie. I kinda that they would change it up and make it a little more kid friendly. I have to admit... I jumped a few times.

3. We had our first snow fall yesterday! I have mixed feelings about snow. My initial thoughts are always that of a child and then my grown up in me realizes that I may actually have to get out of my house and drive in that mess! Snow is just so pretty though... how can you not love it at least a little bit!

4. I love Christmas lights. That is all.

5. I have been pretty bummed recently about having to work at the hospital on Christmas Day but while I'm still not pumped about it... I'm content. I think this is a sign that I'm getting older. Working on Christmas isn't the end of the world for me anymore.

6. 6 days until I get to see my family in TX!

My big brother, Nathan, and me!
7. I go the best surprise ever last night. My mom called me and we talked for a minute and then she said  that someone wanted to say hi. I hear a guys voice say, "Aloha!" And I was so confused. I was trying to think of college kids that were probably home for break but the voice didn't sound like any of the ones that would be hanging out at my mom's house. It sounded like my brother but that didn't make sense since he lived a million miles away in Hawaii.... but he did say Aloha. I said, "Who is this???" "Nathan!" My heart is so happy. The entire family will be home once Patrick and I get there in a few days!

Happy Friday, ya'll!


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of 7QTs! :) It's great fun.

    I feel ya about the working on Christmas thing. It's always sad just a little, but when I was working and was able to allow all of the moms off, it made me feel better. Once you have some kiddos, your attitude might change a bit. :) Unless of course you stay at home...then you won't have to worry about that! I digress.

    I am so excited about your big bro being in town!!! :) I haven't spent a Christmas with my bro in.... I have no idea! Enjoy it so very much!

  2. Tell the fam I said hi when you head down that way! I'm so happy ya'll are going to be together! :)

  3. yeah, some of us adults have had to work our fair share of Christmases. In college, I was a toll collector and on holidays we got paid double time and a half!!! so I loved working holidays@!!! :)