Friday, December 14, 2012

Little Souls

My heart is broken. How could anyone intentionally hurt a child?

My mind isn't even able to fathom what has happened today. I just have flashes of thoughts that may or may not be coherent as I try to type it out. So bare with me...

Children are amazing. Without them the human race would die out. The bond of love between mother and children, father and child, or really anyone and child is unique. They are the imagine of love. Children love and believe and wonder without having to mull over in their heads about the ways of the world. They should never have to worry. They should just be kids. They should run around, make believe, make friends and enjoy the simplicity of life as they know it.

So how can a young man walk into an Elementary school and shoot 20 kids along with several adults? How could someone be so sick? I can't even wrap my head around this. My initial thought was, "Why would anyone want to bring children into such a cruel world?" Seriously. Why? But having children is what life is all about. And by that I mean, family is what life is all about. How could I NOT bring a child into this world? I'm confused by this. Can you tell?

I think as a young woman in her twenties this is especially disheartening. I think it's normal to hope and wonder if you will be a good mother one day but with the horrendous things you see on TV we are confronted with even more fears. Can we shield them from the negative images on television? Can we protect them from growing up and loosing their innocence too quickly? Are they safe in their schools? On their playgrounds?

It is terrifying.

I think that one day when I have a child (or an army of them!) that my job as a mother will become clear. I will love them more than a person as ever loved another. I will look to Mother Mary who was so perfect in her love for her Son. I will teach them about God and spend time with them knowing that every moment is precious. I will teach them about love and how to see the good in people even if they are hurting.

I have so much to learn. Today just really got me thinking.

Today, like everyone else in the nation, I am praying for the families of the victims of the shooting in Connecticut. I pray for the children that will remember this horrifying day for the rest of their lives. I pray for the community. And I pray for the shooter's family, that others will not judge them for the sins their son/brother committed.

And in the words of Megyn Kelly of FOX News, "Pray for the little souls, the little angels."

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