Thursday, October 22, 2015

Catch us the foxes

I have never been into podcasts. I just can't. I can listen to music all day long but have never looked for found a podcast that holds my interest. Not my thing.

Holy... Yes! Listen to Catching Foxes Podcast! 

I am hooked. I'm listening right now actually. I listen in the car, at work... Lots of times when I shouldn't... Because I can't get enough. It is my friend/former youth minister, and his friend/my acquaintance. It is about the culture we live in and how that affects our Catholic faith.

I love it. LOVE IT.

They sit there and geek out over things that I'm not even nerdy enough to truly understand... BUT more than anything they talk/discuss our cults from their perspective. It is not a lecture. They aren't talking AT me. Just discussing. It is so insightful.

This is what I am looking for in my life. I am so tired about talking about things that are surface level, just skin deep. People my age don't talk about this stuff. I need more Catholic friends/like-minded friends. Don't feel bad for me... I'm fine. But I want this.

I digress....

Gomer and Luke (the two guys on the podcast) talk about all the things. They have touched on pornography, atheism, death and despair, living a life of uncertainty, chastity, music, video games (nerds), superheros (nerds... really), etc. I feel like I have written about this before but what is this world that we live in that we don't talk about the things we cannot see? We talk about the Kardashians and sports like that is our salvation and wonder aimlessly through life day after day and reject (even if unintentionally) the One who breathed life into us.

This has been bothering me recently. Do you ever wonder "Where is God?" I know people say that in tragedy but I mean in your daily life. Do you know God is present? Do you see Him in the poeple you talk to at work and in line at the grocery store? Do you feel him in your home with your family?

This world is difficult because mankind is constantly pushing the Creator, the Truth, away. When you are surround by those who reject the Cross, it is easy to see only darkness. There is sadness and betrayal and guilt and devastation. But let us not forget...

Christ suffers with us.

This seems to be a recurring theme and quite frankly somethng I need to hear. We all have a cross that we carry but we do not walk the long road alone. When the Father and the Son are intangible and difficult to understand, the Holy Spirit, the most mysterious person of the Trinity, descends and sheds light into the hearts of the lonely doubter. The icy walls are melted away and our eyes can be opened to see the crucifiction and resurrection and we can know that in Christ we can rise again with Him.

"Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that damage the vineyards; for our vineyards are in bloom." Song of songs 2:15