Monday, July 21, 2014

(Almost) 32 weeks and the story of my shining moment...

Yes, you read that correctly! This week marks 32 weeks! I'm a solid month into my third trimester with my little man and I am just so in love with him.

I am sure I have mentioned this before but things are getting very REAL now... I guess it's a good thing for it to feel more and more real everyday. I just can't believe in a few short weeks we will have our little boy at home with us!

Now for some honesty... pregnancy is rough, ya'll. I know that some people have the horrendous morning sickness and dizziness and dehydration that puts them in the hosiptal and all that craziness that I have never experienced. And for that reason alone I feel that I shouldn't complain too much. In fact, up until about a month ago I would admit that pregnancy has been a breeze! But oh boy, the swelling... the pain....

I mentioned some of that in my last post. The swelling is not really better... it comes and goes and some days are worse than others depending on how much I'm on my feet, how hydrated I am etc. The pubic symphysis pain is still pretty rough but luckily I have learned some ways to modify my movements doing everyday tasks which has really helped to lessen the severity.

Another thing about pregnancy... people stare at you. ALL. THE. TIME. If I had a dime for every stare... the little boy's college education would be paid for. Seriously, have people never seen a pregnant lady before? You guys... I'm tall with red hair so people tend to stare at me anyways because I guess there is something rare about a 6 foot tall woman with red hair. I think it's the combo of the two but I have never really asked any staring strangers yet. Maybe one day haha. But add the fact that my abdomen is rounded and caring a living thing and oh my. ALL EYES ON THE TALL REDHEADED PREGGO! I'm almost used to it now but Patrick is clearly not accustomed to it because every time we are walking somewhere together he comments on how many people are staring...

... which is fine by me as long as the keep the "big" comments to themselves. Yesterday, on our lunch break Patrick and I went to go get a chocolate chip cookie to split from the cafe in the hospital. The ladies in there sort of know me since I have worked there for 3 years now... and as previously mentioned I don't exactly blend into the crowd well. The lady at the register asked "how many more weeks?" to which I replied "about nine." She made the most horrified look on her face and said, "9 more weeks? are you sure there aren't two in there???" I assured her that there is only one. And in case that wasn't humiliating enough I then put in my order for a large chocolate chip cookie... I couldn't even enjoy it after that "size" comment. People are rude.

Now, for the story of my shining moment. Back to the who change in physical appearance thing (swelling and pain and whatnot). When it all first started about a month ago I really had a moment... not in a good way. It was one of those moments when you know you are being emotional and borderline irrational but you are crying already so you just roll with it because there is no stopping you now. haha I was laying in bed and my very sweet husband was telling me how pretty I am (this is the part where a normal sane woman says thank you, looks into those perfect blue eyes and then you share a romantic moment or something..... but instead..) and I just start bawling.... and I could see it in his eyes... he knew I was about to have a crazy pregnant lady moment. And I just said, "I don't feel pretty! My feet and ankles are huge and I have to wear grandma compression stockings and my stomach is getting huge and I'm never gonna look the same again and I hurt all the time and I still have 3 months of pain left and it might get worse and wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

..... that's about how it went down. I don't really know because it was irrational and crazy and I was just rambling.

And then my dear sweet husband who is a saint... A SAINT I TELL YOU!!!!..... just hugged me while I cried and told me I was beautiful and he loved me and then at some point my crazy hormones calmed down and I think I fell asleep haha.

So there you have it. My shining moment.

Pregnancy is the craziest thing I have ever done but I have the best husband in the whole world and I can't imagine a single day of this without him. Mila Kunis recently made a big deal on TV about how husbands shouldn't say that "we" are pregnant because mean don't endure everything we endure as women throughout pregnancy.... oh but they do! Just in a different way and Patrick is going through all of this WITH me. Thank God for that :)