Monday, September 16, 2013


Since I took a nice little hiatus I should probably catch you up...

Patrick graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in May.
Dr. Gorman with his floppy hat... I love it!

My favorite.
He was temporarily unemployed after graduation due to a delay in receiving his license... not because of any fault of his but because the government takes their sweet time with these kinds of things. I felt like I needed to clear that up so you wouldn't think he had a problem with the background check or something haha. Anyways... we got to go visit my family in Texas so it ended up being a good thing!

Apparently, this is the only picture from that trip... but here you have Rachel and Patrick (bff's).
We started house hunting in June and put an offer in on a short sale... which is a really misleading name because it is NOT a short process! Dear Lord has it been a journey!

Patrick and I had our two year anniversary on July 2nd!
Best day ever. 
We did the normal go out to dinner thing and then spent the 4th of July weekend at the lake with family.
Patrick, Kevin (best friend and groomsman) and Brian (brother and best man)
Fireworks show from the pontoon in the middle of the lake!
In July, Patrick also started his new job as a Physical Therapist in the SAME BUILDING I WORK IN!!! I always loved the idea of him being so close but this has turned out to be an even bigger blessing than I had anticipated.

In August, I totaled my little Honda on the highway. I hydroplaned which was really bad but I was basically OK... just sore. Very sore. I'll probably have to write a post on that one day.
Yes, the trunk is in the back seat...
I bought a new car.. RAV4, baby! I'm in love with it.
This picture does not do it justice... even though my sister says it looks like a "mom car"
We have been packing up the little one bedroom apartment that was our first home together because we FINALLY closed on that darn short sale last Friday. Hallelujah! Trust me... there will be more on this later! :)
Smiles of relief that it is finally over after over 3 months of waiting!
Oh, and we are gonna have a baby in March 2014 :)
I'm officially in the 2nd trimester today actually... time is already flying!
So if this quick little post tells you anything... it's that big things are happening in the Gorman house and I suddenly have a lot to write about!

So I'm not done writing after all :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


...I know, I can't believe it either.

Well folks, I took a nice long break from the blogging world... a retreat, if you will. But here I am!

Back in April/May, I really was feeling like I needed to take some time to step back and live a little. That may sound silly but I was spending too much time with my laptop and my iphone wondering if anyone was reading my blog posts. Or thinking, "did that sound stupid?" or "will anyone think that was funny?" That sounds ridiculous but I'm being honest even though I'm a little embarrassed by it. Truth is... it's not about me. And it never really was.

A lot has happened in the 4 months away from my laptop but I will get to that later. I have a lot going on and a lot of people that I love that I can't talk to on a regular basis because of the distance between us. I'm back because of THEM.

I vow to ignore the numbers under "pageviews today" and "followers" and to just enjoy communicating with real people that I know and love... not the so-called "fans." Because I enjoy relationships and I'm just not the kind of person that has fans :)

So, here is goes! Don't expect a post every day or even every week because this is real life and I make no promises! But I'm oddly excited about everything.