Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Decorations!!!!

I love days off. I especially love days off in December because I am getting so into the Christmas Spirit.

I admit it... I'm kind of a Christmas nut. Try not to be too jealous of my plethora of Christmas decor :)

My mini Christmas Village and awesome Christmas frame of the hubby and on the shelf below.
Adorable angels from Mom :)
Nativity Statue with my Yankee Balsam and Cedar candle
Merry Christmas sign and my Poinsettia plant from Katie and her husband Steven
Ugly Apartment blinds adorned with garland wrapped in lights
Im obsessed with this reindeer! Patricks grandma got them at a garage sale or something. Love 'em!
Yep.. that's a bagpipin' Nutcracker. 
My Christmas puzzle that I can't figure out how to rotate.
Patrick's Christmas puzzle that I also can't rotate.
(Mine is better!)
Willow Tree Nativity. Simple and Beautiful. Thanks, Mom!

End table number 1
End table number 2
Above the Kitchen sink... ignore the dirty dishes :)
Above the window that is above the kitchen sink...

I wouldn't let Patrick have a real Leg Lamp but he settled for the Leg Night Light lol
                                              AND.... DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!!!!!

Our Lovely Christmas Tree!
That's a lot of Christmas in a few hundred square feet, folks! Because I'm crazy... And I love Christmas! For more awesome Christmas decor visit Katie at NFPandME and check out her Christmas Decor Link Up!


  1. The reindeer is even more awesome than you said! :)

    The bagpipe nutcracker is awesome and I can only imagine how much Patrick loves it.

    Girl you better get linked up! (If you don't do it, I'm going to do it for you!)

    Anyways, it looks great can't wait to see it next week!

  2. I am a little bit of a Christmas nut too. Ah I love your decorations. I am a little jealous of your Willow Tree Nativity Scene. I have been wanting one for years now. It's beautiful!

  3. One can never go wrong with a Willow Tree nativity :)