Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little things

It's been an exhausting week. I have worked an ungodly amount and my To Do List at home has just been growing. Some times it's just hard to keep up.

However, yesterday was my birthday. It wasn't a milestone birthday. Just another twenty-something but it was probably the best birthday I have had in a few years... Thanks to Patrick. He had to go to school in the earlier part of the day so I relaxed at home, walked Rosalyn, received a nice phone call from my mom etc. I didn't do laundry or dishes or go to the store. Patrick told me not to because it was my birthday. I would have felt obligated but him saying that made me feel like I was off the hook and household chore could wait for another day. I just relaxed yesterday which is such a blessing some days. Luckily, Patrick got out of class early so I got to spend even more time with him than I anticipated! We hung out at home for a little bit and then headed to downtown to Country Club Plaza. We ate at Brio... which I highly recommend. The food is to die for! And then we went for a walk in the chilly Fall weather. It dropped 27 degrees yesterday! I saw THE Kansas City fountain which I wasn't aware was such a big deal but he assured me it was! haha

What is so funny is that to most people my wonderful birthday probably doesn't sound all that grand. And that's ok if they think that. My birthday was not about the gifts I got (though they were wonderful and generous) or how much money was spent on dinner or anything like that. I got to relax all day and then spend time doing something a little different with Patrick. Honestly, he is the reason I had a good day. It might sound cheesy but I just love the little things about our life.

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."
- Mother Teresa

PS-Please note the quality of this photo. You are looking at a photo from THE ORIGINAL IPHONE! That's right. My phone is an antique. Be jealous. Or as my 17 year old little sister would say... be jelly :)

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