Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Everything matters"

One of the things I told myself I would start doing after graduation form nursing school is read books. Well it's been well over a year since I graduated and while I have read a few I have to admit that I'm slacking big time!

I did however just finish Conceived Without Sin by Bud MacFarlane last night. He is a Catholic author and the first book of his that I read, Pierced by a Sword, was phenomenal! Couldn't put it down. It's one of those things where I still think about the characters in the book... is that weird? ha They just reminded me of some people I know in real life! Conceived Without Sin, however, was kinda hard for me to get into. He spent so much time building up the characters that I feel like I didn't really get to the plot until about page 400. And then I stayed up passed my bed time to finish it! ha ha

While I do wish the book would have grabbed me from the beginning there are a few things that really struck me and because of those few things I absolutely loved the book. The first: "Everything matters." It is something that Buzz, Donna and Ellie said in the book. Think about it... everything matters. Nothing is coincidence. I could drive myself crazy thinking about it. Everything that I do, everything that I say, everything time I smile at a stranger... that matters. Our lives are not meant to be lived for ourselves. We are all intertwined into the Divine Plan of our Creator. There are days that I feel so far from God but He is right here. I'm a living part of the Plan everyday in all that I do whether I make a conscious effort or not. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Epiphany!

The second thing: "Love is a decision." Boom. Mind blown. It's kind of one those things that is so simple but so true and even though it is something I am infinitely aware of... it still blows my mind. Love is more than a feeling... thank you Boston! Love is a choice that you make everyday. I chose to love my patients at the hospital even when they are cantankerous and sleep deprived. I chose to love my family members when I disagree with them. I chose to love my husband when those little quirks I once fell in love with are driving me insane! You can either decide to love or you can walk away.

It got me thinking about the divorce rate is the US... it is freaking ridiculous! I understand that some people really do get mixed up with people they should never have been with and there are some cases where separation or annulment are appropriate. BUT SERIOUSLY! I don't think that half the marriages should be ending. That is unreal. I think that our society has become such a culture of "me" and of "instant gratification" that we don't want to work for it. We don't want to make the choice. We would rather just not deal with it. This seriously saddens me. I have been married for just over a year and while things aren't rainbows and sunshine every single day of our married lives I cannot imagine my life without my spouse! No one ever said it was easy. Love is sacrifice!
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So, since I have been kinda on a saint kick...

Check out
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St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Married Couples

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St. Monica prayed unceasingly for the conversion of her son, St. Augustine. What an amazing wife and mother!

"Nothing is far from God."- Saint Monica

Next book: House of Gold by Bud MacFarlane!

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