Sunday, January 20, 2013

What I Wore Sunday #6

What I Wore Sunday linkup

It has been a great relaxing weekend and I hate to see it come to a close.

Friday we didn't really do anything but Saturday we went on a date which we hadn't done in months! We went out to eat at Fox and Hound which we had a Groupon for and then we went to see Zero Dark Thirty because I have free movie tickets from work. The food was great and I was impressed with the movie! The best part was... it was relatively cheap! Yay!

Today Patrick and I went to the early mass and came home and made breakfast omelets and coffee. He had to take a practice test for his Physical Therapy Boards this afternoon and then had a study group so I headed off to Northeast Kansas to a little down called Troy to visit Grandma, Uncle Danny and Heidi, my cousin.

It had been way too long since I saw them last and we had so much to catch up on! Heidi caught the fever... Bieber Fever, that is! She is also obsessed with One Direction and has a huge crush on Aaron Rogers of the Green Bay Packers. I could hear her squealing in the other room when the "Discount Double Check" commercial came on. It was too funny!

Now for What I Wore Sunday:

            Wrap Dress: Old Navy
            Tank: Target
            Tights: Target
            Boots: Macy's
            Necklace/bracelet that are very hard to see: Christmas gift from Mom

 I may be overdoing the dress/skirt and boots look but I just love it haha!        And before too long it will be too warm to wear it!

If you would like to see some fabulous men and women in their Sunday Best check out Fine Linen and Purple, the host of What I Wore Sunday!

Have a lovely week, ya'll!


  1. LOVE this shade of blue. Just LOVE it! The boot are sweet as well. You look awesome!

  2. Cute dress and boots! Happy Sunday!

  3. Guh, that blue and your hair are so great together! :) It took me a while to jump on the boot and dress thing, so I say keep going! Get it all in while you can.

    And, I am 5'4'' to answer your question from my blog. I have mixed feelings about how I look in my pic today... I almost feel that the dress looks too long. I think it's my posture. I need to work on that. ;) Happy Sunday!

  4. You look adorable! I love the blue color with your hair. I just ordered some similar boots with my Christmas DSW gift card, and I like this outfit idea. I don't think it can be overdone! Happy Sunday!

  5. Just gorgeous! I love navy blue with the brown leather, and I agree--gotta get the most out of my boots before Spring =)