Saturday, January 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes #3

Just realized this never posted.

1. I wrote a blog post about NFP this week. Actually I started writing it about a month ago but I just could not get the words out right so hopefully I made sense. The more time that passes and the longer I use NFP with my husband the more I realize what a blessing it has been in our lives and what it has meant to our marriage. It really is a beautiful gift... and naturally (no pun intended!) I want everyone to experience it, too!

2. I'm still not running. Part of me hates it because I knwo when I do finally get on a treadmill I'm going to die. But at the same time... I refuse to fight the crowds! A plus is that I have been eating really healthy! Semi-paleo meals except on Saturdays because I can't live without pizza and beer :)

3. I spent HOURS looking at all the local humane society-esque websites at all the dogs because I got to thinking that I should start running outside once it warms up and I need a running buddy. I know... I already have a dog but Rosalyn hates running. She will run for about a mile and then she quits. Like she literally lays down in the grass mid sprint! Patrick isn't all that keen on the idea of another dog especially if its bigger. And really I'm not wanting a huge dog. Maybe a medium-large size. It doesn't really matter as long as they are ok with running with me... and are adorable, of course :)

4. My fingers are starting to peel and callous from all the guitar playing. They don't hurt that bad but they look awful. So I decided to get girly and pain my nails. Too bad they are short so I still look like I have man hands!

5. I don't really have plans set in stone yet but I'm thinking about going to see my grandma this weekend on one of the days that Patrick is studying. Grandma is holding our Christmas presents hostage until I come visit her and I am way over due! She is quite possibly the coolest lady I know. Maybe I will write a post about her one day!

6. I just found out yesterday morning that my friend's (and old dance partner) mom passed away in her sleep on Tuesday. This was a huge shock. My mom was her Confirmation sponsor when she became Catholic as an adult several years ago and my friend, Taylor, and I were close for many years though we have drifted apart. My mom actually just saw Taylor's mom at JCP a week or too ago and she promised to cal my mom to get together for coffee or lunch... and that was the last my mom ever talked to her. It is just so shocking. I don't even know what to say. It is just another reminder how precious life is. Why worry about the little things? Ya know? Makes me want to hug my mom from 1,000 miles away.

7. My little sister, Rachel, called me this week asking about dorm rooms at Pitt State. First reaction: OMG you are gonna be in college! Second: OMG you are going to my school! Third:

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