Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes #2

1. After all of our travels throughout Christmas and New Years we are finally back to our normal lives. As much fun as we had I think we are both a little bit relieved to get back to a regular routine! In fact, I am typing this as I try to scramble out the door for work. I have a feeling it's going to be a busy weekend!

2. I haven't run in WEEKS! This is a shame because I really do love running and I got some cute workout clothes for Christmas. Problem is... it's January and our Apartment complex workout center is packed with people that have made new years resolutions to loose weight which seems to be the trend. It is unreal. I used to go for an hour and a half and not see a soul. Now I can't even find an open machine! And since I refuse to run outside in the cold... I guess I will have to postpone my running for now until people start failing at their resolutions.

3. I love Christmas Decorations. I love putting them up. HATE taking them down. I spend all day Tuesday taking down my decorations. I have a few battle scars from fighting with the Christmas tree too. No bueno.

4. I finished reading "House of Gold" and I loved it. It was still not as good as "Pierced by a Sword" but it was a close second. I was kind of sad to finish it because I loved the characters so much. It's like saying good bye to a friend that you will never see again. And yes... I knwo I sound crazy. I think that's a sign I need to get a life.

5. I started reading "My Brother, the Pope!" I thought it would be kind of a hard one to read and get into but I can't put it down! I am falling in love with the Ratzinger family! It is truly amazing! No wonder both boys became priests with a devout family like that! I hope one day when I have kids that one of my boys will grow up to be a priest! That would be wonderful!

6. Patrick and I are going carb-less. I sort of despise dieting of any kind but I will tell you what.. this works. We are both already back to what we were before the holidays. That didn't take long!

7. I got a guitar for Christmas and I am obsessed with it. I don't know how to play at all but I am teaching myself and it is so fun! I have always wanted to learn and now I finally am! I hope it goes well. If anybody has any good references for people that are brave enough to try and teach themselves... let me know! My fingertips are perpetually throbbing from all the practicing I've been doing! haha

Have a great weekend ya'll!


  1. #3 SAME! In fact, our guest bedroom looks like where Christmas went to die because I acquired more stuff and need to reorganize to make it all fit in my containers. I'm avoiding that room.

    #5 I definitely need to check that out!

  2. I've seen that book by the Pope's brother, and it does look so sweet! I'll have to check it out. Good luck with the carb-free; I've temporarily given up grains, but I think I've still had a fair amount of actual carbs from beans, so we'll see...have a good weekend!

  3. Yes, carbs are my downfall and when I eliminate them, I am golden. Unfortunately, I think I am addicted to them so it's majorly hard for me.

  4. I loooove My Brother, the Pope! An excellent book that also made me fall in love with the Ratzinger family.

  5. Hi Hilary! Visiting via Conversion Diary! I blog about music and children over at I would love to have you visit! Learning to play guitar is a thrilling experience (at least, that's how I saw it when I was learning) - just think of how much more incredible it is once you get the hang of it! I taught myself to play when I was younger (about 10 years old). I started with very basic chords (D, A & G) and went from there. The thing I soon discovered was that the more songs I wanted to learn simply for love of the song, the more chords I pushed myself to master as the songs required them. It works! Today, I've been playing for 10 years (even added the violin 7 years ago!) and have LOVED every moment! Sore fingers? That means you're doing it right ;-) Seriously, though, just keep on going and you'll soon look back on the adventure with real awe as you let the music lead you. Have a lot of fun and good luck!