Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend with Rachel

I haven't written in a while but not because nothing is going on... quite the opposite. Since the last time I have written I suffered through the disappointment of election night, worked a lot (and I do mean a LOT!), spent a weekend with my little sister in Pittsburg, and went to an awesome country music concert.

Having my sister around was so nice. It is very difficult for me sometimes to be be so far away from my family but I know that this is where I am called to be. I have felt at times that I missed out on things like graduations, football games, and dance concerts when my little siblings were in high school. I have missed family days and holidays. I feel torn sometimes because as much as I miss my family in Texas I honestly love living in Kansas with my husband. Being away from so many people I love makes being reunited so much sweeter though!

I almost cried I was so excited when I picked Rachel up from the airport. She is the craziest, funniest girl I know! From the moment I saw her to the moment I said goodbye it was nonstop laughter. We talked about everything from boys to high school drama to the intense things I experience at work. She picked my brain about what life was like for me in college. We talked about faith and love and growing up. It was so special. I loved walking her through my old college campus and telling her stories that my dad told me when they brought me on my first college visit to Pittsburg State. We went to the football game and cheered on the Gorillas even though they lost. More than anything I loved seeing her so excited about her future! It reminded me of when I was her age.

My sister and I have ALWAYS been argumentative. We shared a room from the time she was born until I was a freshman in high school and for several years we even shared a bed. Being six years apart we have always had our differences but during this trip I saw a completely different side of my sister. She is really growing up into a beautiful strong young woman. I am so proud. She will still always be the crazy little sister that says "when birds fly" instead of "when pigs fly" but I love seeing her grow up and be so happy!

On a completely different note... I am pretty stoked about the holidays coming up. Im trying to contain my excitement and hold off on decorating the apartment until AFTER Thanksgiving. Wish me luck :)

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