Sunday, March 24, 2013

Celebrating Patrick

This week I started my new job with the Cardiologist. I LOVE it... but I will love it even more when I am not in orientation anymore. I'm not good at watching other people do the work. I would much rather do it myself. I'm also not good at just sitting so any time I get the chance to grab something from the printer or fill up my cup of coffee... I practically JUMP out of my seat. But it will get better. More on that later :)

Also this week we had yet another snow storm. I may have mentioned this already but I am just not used to this weather... being from Texas and all. BUT I am starting to like it. Snow is just so pretty! Yeah its a pain to get out in but it is just so beautiful!

30 minutes in and it's already beautiful.

Our church this morning on Palm Sunday
Now for the good stuff...
Happy Birthday, Patrick cookie cake 
German Chocolate Cake... thanks for the recipe, Mom!
Today is my dear sweet husband's birthday. Patrick is 26 years old today which it really young in the grand scheme of things but it's closer to 30 than 20... therefore he is "old" in my book. Last night we were laughing about how time flies. It seems like last week we were hanging out at the Newman Center on campus and two-stepping at Twister's on the weekends. And now we are here: married almost two years, I'm on my second job, he is graduating with his doctorate and we are thinking about buying a house.... time does fly!

Patrick is the most amazing man I have ever met. When I dreamed of my future husband when I was younger I had an image in my mind. Patrick is all of those things and then more. God had better plans than I could have ever dreamed up by myself. Patrick is honest and dependable. He is selfless and giving. He cares more about fulfilling God's plan than fitting in with the rest of the world. He is tall and handsome and his eyes make me melt (yeah it's cheesy but its true). He loves his family. He treats everyone with the respect they deserve. He is helpful. He is encouraging. He is faithful. And he is the best friend a girl could ever ask for.

Today I am so happy that God created such a wonderful man and that he was raised but such loving parents that taught him well. I am so thankful for my place in His plan.
I love this man!
On Patrick's 26th Birthday we braved winter weather to get to Palm Sunday Mass, watched a little March Madness (GO KU!) with our two closest friends, Katie and Steven and chowed down on cake and pizza... I wonder what we will be doing 50 years form now when he turns 76? 

I love this journey.

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