Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes #7

1. Like I mentioned here, it has been kinda of a crazy week at work. Not because of the actual work but because of everyone talking about me leaving. It's kinda nice to feel wanted from both sides but it is also way more attention than I like.

2. Today is Patrick's last day of is most favorite clinical. I think it surprised him how much he loved it and I know he is really going to miss the people. He only has one more nine week clinical rotation to go before graduation! Yay! I hope he likes the next one. Maybe it will surprise him, too :)

3. I can see the grass!!!!! After weeks of several inches of snow it is finally warming up enough to melt it! Yesterday was the first day that I could see significant amounts of grass in a long time. Come on over, Spring!

4. I wanna be in Roma right now. If you haven't heard, it's kinda the place to be right now. All the cardinals are there. According to a blog post by Cardinal Dolan of the US, they are all talking about the "big issues" and says the new pontiff will bring about radical change... namely the change of the human heart. One of my other favorites, Cardinal DiNardo said they are all asking themselves "who will be the next Peter?" The whole process is pretty fantastic and I wrote about it here. I'm honestly without words when I think about how amazing this is and how blessed I am to be a part of the Catholic Church.
Cardinal DiNardo praying the Rosary
Other Cardinals in prayer. So beautiful.
5. Can we please talk about how fast time is flying by? I am still getting used to writing 2013 instead of 2012 and here we are in the middle of March. A few months ago I probably would have welcomed the swiftness of time passing by but now I feel like I need to put on the breaks. There is just a lot going on (new job, Boards and graduation for Patrick, our lease is coming up etc) and I don't want to miss anything!

6. I have mentioned before that the hubby and I are trying to eat healthy. We allow ourselves one day a week (usually on the weekend) to cheat a little. Well this passed weekend we cheated... a lot. It is amazing how sluggish and awful we both felt. And to think that we used to eat that may on a semi-regular basis! I would choose a healthy lifestyle over feeling like that any day!

7. My goal for today (other than tackling the laundry and a little bit of cleaning) is to learn the song Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show on my guitar. I haven't taught myself a song in a while and I heard that one on the radio and it didn't sound too hard. I was going to post a video but I watch the music video for the first time and it was... weird... and mildly disturbing. Anyways... it was probably not blog-appropriate haha.


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  1. It's just such an exciting time to be a Catholic! I was able to live stream and join in pray with the cool!

    1. That is so amazing! And you are right... this is a VERY exciting time to be Catholic!