Monday, February 25, 2013

Snowmagedon Strikes Again!

Well, Snowmagedon part 1 was all just fun and games. I sat in the comfort of my living room sipping on coffee and watching that yucky white stuff fall from the sky like it was going out of style. Sure, we had a little bump in the road with Patrick and his clinical and the whole getting stuck thing but this is different.

This is Snowmagedon part 2.
Price Chopper early Monday morning.

Rosalyn's face when I told her I was leaving for probably a few days.

Monday 10:00 PM
I got to the hospital about an hour ago. I looked like a total dummy walking into my place of employment with duffel bags and a pillow and blanket but oh well. I was happy to see that I was not the only one who made the wise decision to stay the night. After chatting with my manager and finishing an episode of the Bachelor (guilty pleasure) I hung out in one of the rooms with another nurse and two nurse techs (also known as CNAs). We kinda joked about being adults and having sleepovers and stuff which made me feel a little better... and by better, I mean just less stressed about the whole situation.

My manager so kindly hooked me up with an ICU suite... so this is probably bigger than the hotel room I thought about getting! And she gave me a meal voucher. This is far from ideal but wow. So thankful for a safe place to sleep tonight and for a thoughtful manager!

It is technically passed my "work" bedtime but my mind is still running a million miles a minute so I think I will watch a couple episodes of Friends and see if I can make my mind relax enough to get some sleep.

Tuesday Throughout the day - view from the 10th floor

Tuesday 8:30 PM
I have now been at the hospital for 24 hours and counting. I would love to tell you at has been so eventful and it was so dramatic around here like Grey's Anatomy but actually it was pretty lame. I was orienting a nurse to our unit and we were technically understaffed and therefore had more patients than we should have but somehow the day just felt.... slow. And therefore... it dragged on and on.

Tonight there are far less people staying at the hospital and I feel a little bit silly for staying because some people said the roads were pretty clear. I'm not too worried about making it home... it's getting back for work in the morning that is concerning. The snow let up for several hours today but has started up again. Hopefully, I made the right decision.
So tired of eating at the hospital.

Say some prayers that I actually sleep tonight. Last night the ICU was LOUD! I doubt if I slept more than 45 minutes straight last night without an interruption. The mattress was nothing like my temperpedic either FYI. At least tonight I am in a room that doesn't have big glass windows with bright lights shining in. I'm planning on it being pitch dark. AND I plan on waking up refreshed with a full 7+ hours of sleep. Too bad I don't have any ambien...

Wednesday 6:00 AM
Thank you to whoever wrote this message in the snow on top of the parking garage. It made my day. "Be Happy."

Thursday 8:00 AM
I made it home last night. As it turned out it was a good idea that I stayed both night because there were wrecks in the early morning on monday and a lot of my co-workers said they were slipping and sliding on the highways... which would have scared the living you know what out of me. And I crashed which is why I am just now writing an update. I got to sleep in my own bed and I was not awakened by alarm or nurses doing their job. It was like my own personal heaven. Even though I slept soundly last night I am still exhausted. I don't know how doctors do it... being on call, I mean. No wonder they get grumpy about people calling them about moderately high blood pressure haha. Some things just need to wait until morning.

I have a pretty busy morning (which is part of my big secret that I am not yet revealing) but after that I plan on doing a little cleaning, making real food (as in not hospital food), and spending time with my man... and going to bed early... grandma style.

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  1. Advil PM. Works likes charm. :)

    Hope you get to make it home tonight!