Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes #4

1. Earlier this week I wrote this post about how Patrick hit some black ice in his truck and spun off the road into a ditch and hit a light pole. The post was mostly about the memories that the accident brought back actually, but anyways... Patrick calling me to tell me what happened was awful and quite frankly threw off our entire week. I was initially distraught over it but as bad as it was I cannot help but just be thankful that he is OK with just a little soreness and the truck is still drivable.

2. I ran for the first time since before Christmas yesterday. I knew it was going to be rough but OH MY GOODNESS! I seriously was struggling to run more than 4 or 5 minutes without taking a break. I felt weak and I was having trouble with the whole breathing part.... which is pretty important ya know. So I think I have a long road ahead of me to get back to where I was.

3. I saw this on Pinterest this morning and just in case the sun being out didn't brighten my day enough... this did it! What a beautiful thought.

4. I am getting a little better at the guitar but like I said in #1, my week has been thrown off a little so I haven't played as much as I would have liked. I think my next song I will try to learn will be "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver. It is slow and only a few chords so I think it will be pretty easy... but we'll see...

5. I don't know if any of you were fans of the TV show "Friends," but I was not a big TV watcher when it was actually on TV. Plus I had a little brother and sister and only one TV in the house so if I was watching TV it was usually cartoons. Well, there is this website called cokeandpopcorn and it has all kinds of shows on there so I decided to watch it.... I had no idea what I had been missing. It is so funny! So now I am trying to catch up on my 90s sitcom. I'm so up on the times!

6. I talked to my little sister on the phone last night and I think it was the highlight of my week. She just had an MRI because she fell down the stairs at school. Thankfully nothing is broken and nothing is so bad that she would need surgery but she is on crutches and has a knee brace and an ankle brace... I think I will just start calling her Grace. We started talking about how excited we are for all the things to come in 2013. She will only be an hour and a half away from me and we are both equally excited about that! She also says that she plans on being the coolest Aunt ever when we start having kids... she also said she doesn't know what is taking us so long because she really thought she would be an Aunt by now! ha ha Love her!
Little sister, Rachel, on the right. This was taken last summer.
7. I know this isn't a new song but I am in love with it! And it always makes me think of my little sister now! My little Texas girl said, "This is our song because you are making this place my home!" This place= Kansas :)


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  1. I loved Friends!!!!! and I really wish I had time to sit down and re-watch it all. so great. Thursday nights really were MUST-WATCH TV when I was in college...Friends, Seinfeld.....

    And yeah, taking a break from running is so not easy to come back from. but just keep going, you'll get there! (says the mostly sedentary other than some walks preggo lady)

  2. Coming back to running is no small achievement! Remember, it's the last time it'll be your first run! -says the almost 8 months postpartum mama who has only gone running 15 times in the last 18 months.