Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Terror everywhere

Last week, the world watched as Paris, France fell under attack. Guns fired, bombs went off. 100+ innocent people died at the hands of evil individuals and now the rest of the world quakes in fear. 

Since that day last week we have continued to see acts of terror occur throughout the world though most cameras in the mainstream media are on Europe. This is our world right now and for my generation, a selfish generation, it is something we have never fully seen or understood. Sure, we survived 9/11. But most of us were so young that day and since then, the terror has felt very far away.

But it's moving west.

Yes, it's horrible. My heartbreaks for the people of France. But not far away there are thousands and thousands of people that live in fear every day. They are young and old and innocent and all they want is a safe place to live without fear to raise their children and give them a life that simply isn't possible in the Middle East that is constantly a threatening land.

How can we, the fortunate, turn our backs? How can we deny the the basic rights that our ancestors sought when they came to the United States? How can we look at our own children sleeping peacefully in warm beds and be ok with refusing to care for those that are cold and starving and afraid?

I understand the fear that terrorists will come here. I understand that possibility. But this event in Paris doesn't change anything. The threat has not risen from what I can tell. And really, if we are being honest, terrorists are going to make it here if they want. They probably already have. Paris does not change or increase the danger that has been here all along. 

I just can't help wondering what Christ thinks of all of this. It's not hard to imagine he is saddened not only by the terror but also by the lack of love and concern for each other. Where are all the Sammaritans?

Remember the Flight to Egypt. Remember that Mary, with Jesus the Christ in her womb, and her husband Joseph... They were refugees, too. 

Let us remember this as we prepare for our hearts this Advent. 

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