Wednesday, May 14, 2014

22 weeks

My blogging habits really come and go in waves but maybe I will be better these last 18 weeks of pregnancy with my baby BOY!
This was actually about a month or so ago.
A few weeks ago we found out this little bundle of joy is a bouncing baby boy and ever since things have really started to feel real... and the ever-growing bump is helping with that too!
20 weeks 
21 weeks
22 weeks... today!

I had an OB appointment this morning and I was a little nervous like usual. Every appointment has felt like a milestone to us. The more good news we get, the better we feel. But sitting in the waiting room continues to bring back a flood of emotions from last November. I still can't believe I had Anna 6 months ago today.
Well, I can give another sigh of relief! Another good report! Baby boy had a great heart rate in the 140s and my belly was measuring a perfect 22. And after all the weight gain the month before I only gained 1 lb this last month... So I'm on track after all :)

This was my last appointment with my OB before she starts rotating me through all the other OBs in the practice. They typically deliver babies for their own patients but if I were to go into labor in the middle of the night the on-call doctor would be the one delivering. So it's kind of nice that I will at least be familiar with each one in case that happens.

Because this was my last appointment with her for a while (like 2 months) I wanted to make sure I asked all the questions that I could conjure up. One of my biggest questions if about delivery. Obviously...

Since I have Harrington rods from my Scoliosis surgery I had when I was 15, I cannot have an epidural or a spinal. My only other options as far as pain management with medication is IV fentanyl (or something of that nature) but the problem is that anything I get through an IV could be passed to my baby. I'm not ok with that even in small doses.

Are you getting the picture here? I'm talking about natural childbirth. This is happening.

I don't think that there is a right or wrong way to do this. If you successfully bring a baby into the world you deserve a trophy or an award or something. It's tough no matter what and I honestly believe that all moms are a special kind of super hero whether they gave birth at home in the tub or surgically by cesarean section. Good job, moms of the world. But can I be real about my fears for a minute?

I am mostly empowered by the idea of giving birth without pain meds but I am also freaking terrified. I am going to have to push a human out of my body. How is that not a little scary? Well, I have talked to some people that have done this and I hear great things which makes me feel better. But my doctor made me feel EVEN BETTER today! She told me I should read some book of self hypnosis. Sounds like a bunch of hocus pocus, I know, but it actually just relaxation and meditation methods.

Doctor said that she knows people (medical people even) that have learned it and had success! The methods help you to concentrate and relax at the same time and people say they have a painless delivery... painless! I can do that! My doctor really recommended it and said that while she doesn't normally recommend it she felt I had the kind of focus and determination that it requires. Only problem is that she didn't know the name of the book... Anyone ever heard of it?

I am actually getting kind of excited about delivery now! I am feeling empowered and motivated. I can do this :)

I would love to hear about more natural birth stories, I know they are rare in the hospital setting but I like to hear them anyways. I CANNOT wait to meet my little boy! 18 more weeks (maybe less, but hopefully not more) until I get to hold him! I'm already so in love !


  1. I say yes to Hypnobabies! I haven't done it myself yet (I got the book for what turned out to be a series of miscarriages so still waiting), but I've heard rave reviews about it. The nice thing is that you it is called "hypnosis" but it is really just relaxation - giving yourself a set soundtrack that you train your body to relax too. You even get to choose what you use to relax to - so you could even train yourself to relax to a cd of the rosary or liturgical music!

    I've known a few people who've done the IV route too - and haven't had to use too much of it, just a push to get over the worst of it (usually that transition).

    Good luck!

    1. just double checked - the book/cd you can walk through yourself that I have is Hypnobirthing. I believe Hypnobabies involves a trainer and larger series of materials.