Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes #13

Here we are again...

1. Last weekend Patrick and I began the (little did I know) daunting task of starting our baby registry. Oh. My. Gosh. It is so over whelming. Who knew there were so many choices! We have made decisions on the big stuff like the crib, stroller and car seat. So BIG sigh of relief there. I was shocked when I didn't have to do any convincing whatsoever on the MamaRoo. I actually didn't even bring it up. We just walked past it in the store and Patrick say, "I want this!" I think I have Katie thank for that!

2. This week has been drama, drama, drama at work. I do my best to not get involved but I always hear about it. Word travels fast. Anyways, the drama got stirred up because and medical assistant "confronted" a doctor and apparently was rude and aggressive about something ridiculous. Doctor was livid... to put it lightly. But it made me think, what on earth possesses a person to act out like that? I have a lot of thoughts but not all of them need to be shared. I don't get people.

This photo is not related to the above post BUT it is at work. These geese layed eggs right by the entrance to one of our office buildings and they are guarding them like crazy! All the patients were afraid to come in the front doors haha
3. I work as a nurse in a doctors office that is located inside a hospital which is the hospital I was employed at prior to my current job. So I know a lot of people in the building and sometimes that has its perks! Like on Tuesday this week when I decided to get away from the work drama and visit my friends in the echo lab. They weren't to busy so they decided to check out my baby! Isn't he or she cute sucking his or her thumb!!!? (cannot wait to find out the gender in a week or two!!!)
My sweet baby
4. I like trying new things and this week I got to try Indian food for the first time! I was a little nervous about it. Not because so much because I thought it was going to be gross but more because I was worried about how hungry I would be if I didn't end up liking it haha. And no that is not the pregnancy talking... just me and my typical appetite. But let me tell ya.. It was delish!!!
Chicken Kadahi and garlic nan
5. Spring time!!! I am so happy things are turning green again and finally warming up! Patrick and I will be working on Project Beautify Our Home all weekend long with the help of my in-laws. We got a little head start by purchasing some pots and flowers for our front door and the space between our garage doors. They are so pretty and I can't wait to get the yard looking nice this weekend!
Tiny Dancer (a kind of lily) potted on our front porch
Pink Hyacinth potted on our driveway between the garage doors. (They still need to fill in a little)
6. My friend from nursing school, Reanna, is two weeks ahead of me in herpregnancy. We don't live very close to each other but we keep up through facebook and texting and try to get together whenever possible. Well she just had her ultrasound to find out gender and we were texting before and we both think we are having boys. Then I got the news! It is a boy! TWO OF THEM!!! She is having identical twin boys! Oh my word. Word cannot describe my excitement for her and her husband. This is their first pregnancy, too, so they are blown away! Such happy news!
Reanna, me, and our other friend, Julie... back in our prime. Oh, college :)
7. Speaking of all this baby stuff... I am really starting to pop I think. Unfortunately, I'm at this weird stage between looking skinny and pregnant. My normal clothes don't fit right and I look like a diet would do me some good. But I'm still swimming in my maternity clothes. I admit to being a little vain and not wanting to look fat but right now I'm really looking forward to getting a little more shape so I won't be in between. I also just bought a maternity dress that I was hoping to wear for Easter... but I might be jumping the gun on that one. We will see though!!

Well.... this is about as exciting as life gets over here. But for much more interesting QTs go over here!

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