Tuesday, February 4, 2014

White out!

It's Tuesday... I almost never blog on Tuesday because I am almost always working. Not today, my friends! I am 25 year old nurse and I get a snow day!!!

So I guess I'll update you on my weekend and ruin my chances of a decent 7QT on Friday. Whatever.

This past Friday we had a little snow and my little sister was planning on coming up to spend the weekend with Patrick and me. Thankfully, I did some weather investigation and she timed her drive just right so that she made it safely. I should be a meteorologist.

Ya know how I was supposed to have a bunch of girls over on Friday night? yeah that got cancelled because of the weather. I wasn't that upset. I really prefer to spend my evening with Rachel and Patrick anyways! And I think I fell asleep around 9-9:30. I'm so lame... and totally ok with it!

Saturday we hung around the house in our sweatpants and I would say we were anything but productive. Wait, I did laundry! All the laundry! But other than that we sat around, watched TV, played a lot of Scrabble, I read Catching Fire (I'm not done yet so don't spoil anything like my sister tried to!), and Rachel watched the final episodes of One Tree Hill. She cried when it was over. Patrick laughed at her. It was perfect.

Patrick made chili and that man makes the best chili. I love him.

Give it up, Rosalyn... Rach isn't giving in!
Sunday we went to church. We always go to the 7:30AM mass which I realize is really early for some people but not for me. I get up at 5:30 for work at 7:00 during the week so it's not big deal. Rachel, little miss college student, hates it though. I went to go make sure she was up at 6:45 and she wasn't obviously. I shook her and said, "rachel, are you going to mass with us?" and she shook her head no and groaned. I replied with, "Let me rephrase, you have to get up. You are going to mass with us!" I will be such a great mom someday haha. It worked!

After mass we went to a local cafe for breakfast and it was delicious. If you are ever in the KC area make a trip to The Corner Cafe. They make the best food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You haven't lived until you have had it!

The rest of the day we got ready for the Super Bowl. I made an ungodly amount of food.... for 5 people. And entire crockpot of cheese dip (queso for you Texas people that know what that is), no-bake cookies, raspberry chipotle and cream cheese dip, sausage and cheese wontons. Our best friends, Katie and Steven, joined us and they brought a huge pizza and cute football shaped desserts! It was great to see them. Our weekend schedules haven't worked out recently and I am not sure we had seen them in about a month or maybe more. Katie has the cutest little bump now! I have a fear of getting fat (because I'm kind of vain) when I'm pregnant but if I can look like her than I'd be thrilled! *fingers crossed*

Now I really like football, but I was a little disappointed in the game. The Bronco's didn't show up and they blew it. They should have been more evenly matched but you never would have known that watching the game and seeing the final score. And the commercials were mediocre in my opinions. But that Budweiser commercial with the puppy... how could you not love that!?!

Now here I am sitting at home with nowhere to go... and boy, am I happy about that!!! Snow is really starting to come down. Poor Patrick had to go to work but luckily they gave him a half day. I just hope that he is able to make it home ok! The news is showing white out conditions. Prayers, please! For Patrick and everyone else that is having to be out in the nasty (yet beautiful) weather... including my mailman that just drove by and dropped off my mail... that I'm too lazy and warm to walk out my driveway to get!
She loves snow days, too.
Depending on how the day goes I may update with pictures.... we shall see what this snowy day brings!!!


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