Thursday, October 16, 2014

Love changes you

I love my husband. I have loved him from day one. Even when we weren't dating and I intentionally ignored him for an entire summer, I loved him. My heart knew it before my head did. I have always loved him.

I remember one night before we were officially dating, I was driving home from his house after watching a movie with him and his roommates. It hit me that I loved him and I knew there was no turning back. He was it for me. I cried driving home that night, but they were the happiest tears. I saw where my life was going and I knew that he was going to be a part of it. Always.
Takin' it back to October 2008... We had JUST started dating.
My love for my husband has grown over the years. I love him more now than I did that night driving home. More than I did when I got on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. More than I did when we said "I do."

Since the vows our relationship has changed. We have responsibilities, jobs, bills. We eventually bought a house and found out we were pregnant... two huge events. We lost our daughter, Anna, last November and our relationship changed again. We needed each other more than ever. Our love grew.

Very shortly after, we found out we were pregnant again. There was joy, fear but most of all... love. And it grew over the last nine months until the day that our son was born. Then it exploded!

I could quite literally feel my heart fill to the rim and I have never felt that way before. I am the luckist girl in the word to be married to such a wonderful man and to have such a beautiful and perfect son. Watching Patrick be an amazing dad makes me love my family even more. It makes me want to love them perfectly.
The night Luke was born.
I had no doubts that Patrick would be an excellent father but seeing it all play out is breathtaking. It melts my heart to see Patrick and Luke lock eyes and hear Patrick say, "Daddy loves you." To see him try to comfort Luke when he is crying because Vitamin D and Zantac are just disgusting. To see him kiss his little head and tell him good night. It brings on feelings that I didn't know I could feel.
Patrick is such a great and very involved dad. I'm so blessed to have him by my side. 
Patrick and his mini me.
These feelings are love. Pure and simple and beautiful love.

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