Friday, August 22, 2014

36 weeks... As in I'm 9months pregnant! Oh my!

Wednesday I hit the 9 month mark! 36 weeks! That means 4 more weeks until my due date!

I'm feeling pretty large these days but as far as I can tell my face still isn't fat thank goodness! AND my wedding ring still fits... My goal all along has been for me to never have to take it off! Good so far!

Things are getting rough. I have had a great pregnancy overall so I should not complain at all but if other women feel like I have felt in the last week or two I see why they act so miserable. 

I'm worried that my cankles might be permanent. I looked down at my feet this morning and thought to myself, "hey, those aren't too hideous!" So I worse a knee length dress to work. Funny thing is that I was at work for less than an hour and two people made comments like, "oh you poor thing! Your ankles are so swollen!" First of all, it makes me cringe any time someone says poor me. It makes me feel weak. And secondly... Thanks for pointing out my elephant feet :)

Cute, aren't they? And notice that I'm not wearing toe nail polish. That's because I can't reach them and I haven't mustered up enough humility to ask someone else to paint them for me... I wonder how Patrick's painting skills are when it's on a little toe nail and not a large wall???!

Also something horrible happened on Tuesday. I was walking down this long hallway at the hospital where I work. I was focusing really hard on not waddling because ya know... Nothin is cute about waddling. And I hear this clicking sound.... My shoe lace was untied. And I knew I couldn't bend down in the hallway... Publicly... In my place of business.... Gracefully. So I had to walk all the way to my destination and find a chair. And let me tell you... It still wasn't a piece of cake to tie my dang shoe!

So between the pain if my stretching pelvis, my swollen ankles, and my inability to do simple tasks like tie my shoe... I'm kind if a hot mess.

But I am grateful and I will offer up any discomfort and inconvenience for my children. The one on the way and the one that is a little saint in heaven. I often wonder how much suffering my little Anna felt as she struggled to survive in my womb. Hopefully very little or none at all but still... I am offering it all up.

I am just so happy that I have made it this far and that in a matter of a few weeks I will be holding my sweet little Luke!

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